Appel d’offre 2018

The Federative Action (AF) of OBSPM on « ALMA-NOEMA-Herschel » is offering (limited) financial support for participation in schools, workshops, collaborations, etc.  in 2018 aimed at training in or exploiting these powerful submm instruments, their synergies with other wavelengths, and enhancing the visibility of the OBSPM expertise in this area.

IMPORTANT note on complementary funding from the Conseil Scientifique (CS) of OBSPM

  • Only a limited fraction of the « CS Blanc » annual budget will be allocated to research projects relevant to the themes of Actions Fedératrices
  • Conferences related to the themes of Actions Fedératrices will be eligible to funding under the call « CS Colloques ».
  • Such projects / proposals need first be submitted to the call of the relevant AF
  • The AF will provide a scientific evaluation that will be sent to the CS with your proposal (deadline around mid-February) .

Applications to our AF funding should be sent by January 31st 2018 to and

Examples eligible for funding by our AF include:
  • IRAM interferometry Summerschool, Grenoble, autumn 2018
  • collaborative visits on ALMA-NOEMA-Herschel projects, proposal preparation, data reduction, data mining…
  • presentations as PI at conferences
  • organisation of small workshops on subjects related to ALMA-NOEMA-Herschel science, exploitation, and synergies
The applications for funding should not exceed 1 page and include:
  • Name, Laboratory, status (student, postdoc, permanent), supervisor if any
  • Place, date, and title of event for schools, workshops, etc: short description of motivation (and supervisor approval for students)
  • Precise justification of funding asked (e.g. registration fee, transport, or lodging) indication of alternative/complementary funding
Results will be communicated to the applicants by February 8th, 2018
We would be grateful if you could circulate this announcement to other OBSPM researchers that you think may be interested, and encourage them to register to the mailing list of this Action Federatrice, where our other activities (local workshops and training, seminars) will be announced.


Raphael Moreno and Sylvie Cabrit for the AF ALMA-NOEMA-Herschel