Tutorials : ALMA/IRAM Proposal preparation :
Introductory level, 19th Nov 2014

de 10h a 18h, Salle du Bat B, 77 av denfert-rochereau, Observatoire de Paris
10H00 Introduction to radioastronomy – slides
11H00 Coffee break
11h30 -Hands-on practical: use of the IRAM Exposure time calculator on target chosen by the participant and use of ASTRO for source visibility
13H00 Lunch

14H00 Introduction to interferometry – slides
15h00 coffee Break
15h30 Hands-on practical:
– Sensitivity – slides
– Use of the ALMA simulator on image chosen by participant to study spatial filtering and mapping issues- slides
– Use of ALMA Observing Tool (proposal preparation)- slides

Atelier 19 Septembre 2014
Science with ALMA-NOEMA-Herschel and its synergy with other wavelength ranges
de 10h a 18h, Salle de l’Atelier, 77 av denfert-rochereau, Observatoire de Paris 
– 10h00-10h15 Welcome and foreword: Raphael Moreno and Sylvie Cabrit
– 10h15-11h00 Science with Herschel: Maryvonne Gerin – slides
– 11h00-11h45 Science with IRAM-NOEMA: Jerome Pety – slides – slides2
– 11h45-12h05 Coffee break
– 12h05-12h50 Science with ALMA: Stephane Guilloteau – slides

– 12h50-14h15 Lunch break

– 14h15-15h00 Synergy with the VLTI: Guy Perrin, LESIA – slides
– 15h00-15h45 Synergy with High energy observations: Catherine Boisson, LUTh – slides
– 15h45-16h15 Coffee break
– 16h15-17h00 Synergy with optical and infrared spectro/imaging: Simona Mei, GEPI
– 17h00-18h00 Short presentations of Tutorials offered: proposals, archive, modeling (R Moreno, P Salome, S Cabrit) and General discussion on the Action Federatrice: suggestions, interface with other AF of OP